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Loan Modeling:
Only a Net Present Value approach will give you optimal results. We charge a flat $50 fee and guarantee (*) that our results will save you more than the cost of the service or your money back!
ProForma Modeling:
You are trying to start a business and want to understand whether it makes sense. A ProForma is a forward looking income statement that can tell you if your business will fly.
Project Modeling:
You (or your business) are considering a new project. Should you undertake it? This "Ask the CFO" service can help you decide whether a project is reasonable and how best to finance it (equity vs. debt).
Monte Carlo Modeling:
The typical financial analyst can perform Monte Carlo modeling on your stock portfolio, but more sophisticated investors don't just own stocks! We can build Monte Carlo models for any set of assets.
Other CFO Services:
Your business is too small for a full-time CFO but you face the same challenges as larger businesses. We'll help build budgets, resolve cash-flow issues, prepare forward-looking financials for your bank, and generally prepare for growth.